I’m a second generation American woman.  I am the last born of four children and I gave birth to four children. I’m married to a man who is committed to supporting his family of one wife and four children. I’m a grandmother to two boys and three girls. 

My undergraduate degree is in Psychology, my Graduate degree in Religious Studies.    I’m told it would have been a degree in Theology but the College wanted to include a class on World Religions, so it is a degree in Religious Studies which included classes in Hebrew and Greek Scriptures, Sacraments & Liturgy, Ethics, Counseling Trends in Ministry, Studies in Change, History of the Church and an Internship in Parish Ministry among other classes.

My work history covers quite a variety of jobs, career and vocation.  Here they are:

Grocery Store Clerk, Fast Food, Potato Farm Worker, Waitress, Hostess, Secretary, Customer Service Rep in the Finance industry, Assistant Manager and Manager in the Finance Industry, Mortage Loan Collector, Mary Kay Cosmetics Sr. Sales Director (yes, I drove a Pink Buick  – not a Cadillac – but it was a pink car) Retail Sales of Electronics, Activities Director in an Assisted Living Facility, Spiritual Care Associate in a Nursing Home and Hospital.

Other than being a wife and mother, the most satisfying work I’ve ever done is all the volunteer work and internship in a parish setting that I did.  Not because it is easy to work in the church, (anyone who thinks that’s true isn’t thinking practically), but because I believe it is the best place for people to be encouraged and empowered to use their spiritual gifts in the world.  I know how much the ministry of the local the church helped me do that in the variety of places where I worked.

According to the Myers Briggs test I am an ENFP.

I enjoy music, art, sewing, writing, the beauty of nature, it’s colors and sounds and smells and I like to observe the construction of buildings and bridges.  I do alot of theological reflection and did it often as a child long before I ever knew that is what I was doing.

I am a child of God and a Christian.

I see God as an Artist.

My image of God is a heart – not a valentine – but an invisible heart beating a rhythm in every one of us.  Just as we are far too often unaware of the beating of our hearts until they are quickened by love or crises so too, are most people unaware of the presence of God in their own lives.

I absolutely love the privilege of helping bring people experience the presence of God in Christ through the church. I think there is no greater privilege or responsibility than to serve God and God’s family in and through the church.  It is the only institution that Jesus founded. I believe the church was  given to humanity to help us learn about and to encourage one another to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit in order to build up the family of God on this fragile earth as well as in heaven. 

If I think of anything else to say about who I am I’ll edit this at a later date – – –