How many people have asked this question?  And are you aware that the Lord understands the feelings and emotions that accompany the question?

Wars, large and small are fought over the answer to this question. It’s amazing, in a sad sort of way,  how people fight over land and places and spaces in their quest to find rest isn’t it?   Think about difficulty people have even deciding on an apartment or home to buy or rent.

Where will my resting place be? asks the Lord. 

For me, the answer has become one of saying yes to letting Him dwell in my heart and mind.  You want a resting place Lord?  So, I said Here I am, rest in me Lord.  

I hope this blog will become a resting place for the Lord and for those who are seeking to find rest in Him.  A place you will be able to come and  find the Love of the Lord here. 

I will tell you this;   When I said Rest in Me Lord, I was not prepared for the way He began rearranging me.  Yep, when I said,  “Yes, move in Lord” – He started moving some of my stuff out in order to make room for Him to move in.  And as this happened I admit, sometimes there was a tug-of-war, “No!  don’t throw that out!  I’ve had that habit for years Lord!  I won’t know what to do without it!    What? Lord – you need me to change my attitude? My Attitude?!   Oh yes, towards Him and me and the world, including my enemies, real and perceived.   

What I’ve learned is that it is difficult sometimes to give yourself space and time to allow the Lord to rest in you.  We get pretty darn busy sometimes with things like evangelism, prophesy, missions and church growth efforts.  So busy sometimes that we leave the Lord out of the work and that’s futile.  I guess what I’m saying is – sometimes there has to be a little unrest in yourself in order for the Lord to rest in you.  The unrest can cause you to seek – what you seek matters, if you seek revenge – you create more unrest, if you see peace – you create peaceful moments, peaceful places, peaceful songs, peaceful melodies, a peaceful heart and more peaceful relationships.