To me the word Authentic defines something as being not only original, but true, tangible with a faith dimension.  Some poems that I write are poems that I work on, poems that I say, oh, I’d like to write a poem about such and such a thing.  I will not be posting those poems here. The poems that I will be sharing here are the poems that I’m inspired with and inspired by.  Poems that come to me while meditating and reflecting on the Scriptures. These poems have inspired me, I pray they will you as well.

To me, Poetry is very much like parables, they tell a purposeful story about something meaningful.  Poetry, like parables, paint pictures with words that evoke emotions within us while provoking us to think and act upon what we read and hear.

Following each Authentic Poem that I share here, I will also share my own interpretation or explanation.

Authentic Poem Number 3








to us





Are you?

(c) June G. Paul, Sept. 11, 2010

All Rights Reserved

Being a Christian doesn’t mean that we don’t struggle with forgiveness.  I think that Jesus understands this struggle.  That’s part of the story of the cross.  He didn’t utter those words of forgiveness immediately.  It took him about three hours according to Scripture.  That’s not bad, sometimes it takes us 3 days, 3 months, 3 years, 30 years or a lifetime.

Forgiveness actually gives us our life back and we can have that before our physical death.  Not giving or receiving forgiveness keeps us in spiritual darkness and hinders loving relationships with everyone.

I think the timing of the following poem is rather miraculous.  It came to me spontaneously at 12:15 am on September 11, 2010 while I was in the midst of struggling with feelings of anger over my husbands absences from home due to his work.  (Yes, even Christians have pity parties) And I had also been praying for all those people suffering from post traumatic stress due to the terrorist attack on the United States nine years ago.  Sometimes God challenges us when we are in the midst of a challenge.  Nine years ago I was called to lead a small congregation in prayer and felt the hand of God press me to my knees and lead us in a prayer for our enemies.  He challenged me again this evening.  I thank God for these kind of challenges that lead us into experiencing peace in our hearts and minds.

Authentic Poem Number 2

Where Will Their Voices Find Rest?



over the years

by what their

companioned ears

have heard

and eyes

have seen

Cry Out

Across the Screens

and Scream

on  TV’s

and You Tube

in Coffee Houses

and on the streets



over the years

. . .

I ask you Lord

When will they

Be Still

so their ears can hear

Your Voice

Calling out to them

Peace!  Be Still!

I have heard your cry

Now come to me

and rest awhile.

(c) June G. Paul, October 29, 2009

All Rights Reserved

On the news last night, I saw scenes of another violent attack in a foreign country of that countries own people rising up against other people of that same country while people from other countries were gathered in that country to talk about peace.

On the internet this morning, I watched a video filmed in the dark of our President and other military bringing home one of our soldiers who had died while trying to help create peace in another country.

I also saw a video of a report about a gang rape where 24 people had stood by and watched and didn’t stop it from happening.

I saw a video about drug cartels and read a story about a man dealing cocaine.

I visited a site of law enforcement who advocate the legalization of drugs and saw comments from those addicted to drugs.

In the paper I read about innocent children trick or treating and carving pumpkins and community gatherings planning celebrations and public hearings on what and where to build what and why and I read about  a sexual assault by a teen who thinks he has a problem and I wonder about the poor girl who has problems because of his and their families . . . and I read about a young man who graduated from basic training and Annie’s column was about troubles that started when a couple moved in somewhere and isn’t it funny that the highlight in the Today in History annals reads that October 29,1929 is known as ‘Black Tuesday” — Wall Street crashed, heralding the beginning of the Great Depression – – –

But it’s not just economic collapse that causes depression  for a human being – – – for people a great depression is caused by a myriad of things – life and love lost, dreams broken, encouraging words unspoken or unheard, undiagnosed heartache, in mind or body, spirit and soul.  Then I went to writing sites and blogs and I listened to poets on their sites and read their words, Finally I turned to my Morning Prayer and read the Scriptures where  the voices of those who had been traumatized in past years were recorded.  And I was glad to read more of the voices of those who had called out in the wilderness and dark times of their years and those who responded by following the one who called them to leave their nets, to follow and serve with the Word of God in their breasts.

Peace, Be Still, I believe He will us see us through . . .

Authentic Poem Number 1

Mary’s Advent Journey


Daughter of God


Full of Faith

Full of Grace


Pregnant with a Promise

In Exile

Journeys on


Full of Wonder

Full of Hope


Full of Expectancy

In Poverty

Labors on


Full of Wonder

Birthing Christ


May I be like you.

June G. Paul

© 12/13/2000

All Rights Reserved

I was inspired with this poem while praying while coming home from a study group at church where we had been discussing the Advent Season and the peacefulness of the season as most people experience it in comparison to the way it is in their everyday lives at home and at work.  Personally I had never thought the season of Advent to be peaceful in my church experience.  Christmas yes, but not Advent.  Advent was a time of preparation. a time of rearranging things in my life, my thinking and yes, even in the church as well as my home and at work.  Most people who come to church don’t see the ‘behind the scenes’ preparation and activity that takes place during the Advent season.  Just as places of business decorate for the holiday and people decorate their homes for Christmas, some people in the church are preparing the building as well (as their souls) for the celebration of Christ’s birth.  Now we all know that these preparations are not always peaceful.  In spite of how hard we try there is some item that’s been misplaced, a gift that hasn’t been wrapped or is still hidden away somewhere and someone is hoping they’ll find it so they can give it to someone who is desiring that gift.  And they hope they’ll find it ‘in time.’

So it was for Mary, the gift she carried within her womb ws the gift the whole world was waiting for, a Savior, a light to enlighten the nations. She had been pondering this gift for months, guarding the secret and soon it would be time to deliver this precious gift.

Where was the place, she wondered, as she and Joseph trudged along as the cold night time air closed in around them. She and her betrothed were homeless, perhaps exiled from both their families; or maybe their families had accepted the news but they were homeless because of their journey to Bethlehem.  Either way, it was a form of poverty even while she carried the living word of God in her womb as he protected her and the Son of God.

This is a form of poverty the family of God all experiences from time to time in the church and in the world.  We carry the Spirit of God, the baby Jesus, the Word of Life and Truth in our hearts; and we go into the world full of faith and grace, wonder and hope and expectancy; not always knowing where or when this word that has been hidden within our hearts will be delivered. We journey on, trusting that it will be in God’s time and appointed place that the word will be delivered and someone’s world will be changed because of that.

Often Mary is portrayed as a calm, young, strong woman who had no anxiousness about her role in God’s plan to bring the Word of God to life in and through her.  And not only through her, but through her relationship with Him and her relationship with Joseph.  I’m not certain that Mary was always calm and free of anxiety.  I think if that were true there would have been no need for God to send an angel to speak the words, ‘Fear Not’ to her.

Why was I inspired to write ‘Daughter of God’ instead of Mother of God?  I’m not certain, but I think it’s because I am a child of God, not the mother of God.  I am one of His daughters. And for that I am very grateful, it is an honor to be part of his family and to have His word sustaining my life and giving me hope.

My hope is that this poem inspires you to journey on with the Word of God alive in you and that you have courage to share His Word for the purpose of giving life and hope to someone who feels as if they have none.

If you do not yet know the Word of God, or if it is not alive in you, my hope is that you will seek to receive it and allow it to grow in you.