“For everyone will be salted with fire. Salt is good; but if salt has lost its saltiness, how can you season it? Have salt in yourselves, and be at peace with one another.”  Hear what the spirit is saying to the church. (Mark 9:42-50 NRSV)

The fire of the Lord is like salt.  It comes down from heaven and seasons us –

There is salt in clay – did you know that? Clay with no salt does not cure, in fact, it is not clay.  So it is with us, if we have no salt within ourselves we are not moldable, we are not curable as in the way of being purified by the Lord’s refining fire.  What good is fire if there is no flame? So if there is no flame within you and no salt, what good are you, how can you season others?  Jesus asks a poignant question: If you have lost your saltiness, how can you be seasoned? And then he gives the answer.  You can be seasoned by those who do have salt within them.

How you ask? You must come near to them and mingle with them. And those who have salt must be willing to mingle with those who have lost their saltiness, for whatever reason.  We must reach out to each other, to season each other with His salt, with His Spirit.

You must draw near to Him and to His people.  There are many stories in the New Testament telling about how often and how many different kinds of people drew near to Jesus to be touched by His hand, His word, His Spirit, even His cloak.  Jesus was filled with Salt.  He promised His disciples that he would ask God to send the Spirit to them. And when the Spirit came it came like tongues of fire and touched them, salting them, setting their hearts on fire for Him, purifying their thoughts, refining their deeds.

This is what the Lord can do for you – as he has for us and those who have gone before us.  So we hope that your lives will be salted with His fire too and that your hearts and minds are purified so that your deeds are refined as you redefine your lives.

Before the Lord salted me with His fire

I was consumed with myself

After being salted with His fire

My selfish ways were consumed

My life redefined and the thoughts

And desires of my heart and mind purified.

Then the peace which surpasses human understanding

Filled my soul and helped me cease my striving for

the things of and in this world.

This is the kind of peace I desire

For my children and my children’s children

And theirs, for generations to come.

For now and forever I want them to be salted by

And filled with the Spirit of the Lord

So that His praiseworthy deeds,

not mine nor theirs, but His praiseworthy deeds

will be made known from one generation to the next.

–          June G. Paul

Prayer – – – Lord God, thank you for loving us and for giving us your salt, your Holy Spirit and filling our lives with your love, grace and peace.  Please watch over us, continue to pour your Spirit upon us that your Name might be praised and your Praiseworthy deeds may be made known from one generation to the next.  AMEN