It’s been quite a long time since I have posted anything on this blog.  So when I was attempting to access my blog I kept getting a message:  Have you forgotten your password?  After typing in several possible passwords I finally gave in and said yes, I’ve forgotten and took the necessary steps so I could get back into my blog.

  Thank God WordPress was able to help solve that problem and let me back in! I chuckled a little at my forgetfulness and then thanked God for the powers that be and the people who can open the site for those of us who seem to have had a memory lapse.  And then thought about some of the stories in the bible of people who received new names from God after struggling with him and finally submitting to His authority.  I had typed in several possible passwords before I finally asked WordPress for help.

How similar is that to the times I tried to pass through a rough time in my life, a trial of some sort in my relationships at home, work, school, volunteerism, church, friendships.  Maybe you struggle sometimes too.  I’m talking about the  ‘I can do this myself’ attitude that we all suffer from and with, or the ‘we don’t need his/her help, we can do this without them attitude,  until we finally submit to the Lord and ask for help.  And then the problem is solved.

I can’t see the people who gave me a new password for my blog anymore than I can see God.  But because they kept asking me, ‘Have you forgotten your password.’ I was finally able to re-enter my blog because those whom I cannot see gave me a new password.    And how like that is God – always sending us invitations to re-enter our relationship with him. He stands at the door knocking, he whispers our names, he calls out to us and we just keep doing the same thing over and over again as if we are deaf.  God is so patient, like WordPress Help – he keeps offering it until we finally accept and submit.

We can re-enter into a relationship with God anytime through the power of the Holy Spirit, that’s what Jesus professed to people when he walked on this earth.  You don’t need a new password with Him because He is the Word. 

How do re-enter into relationship with Him? It’s easier than you think. It simply starts with remembering Him and asking for His help. The restoration of the relationship continues by spending time with Him.  Just like any earthly relationship, your relationship with God is healed and strengthened by spending time each other.  By talking and listening to each other and by spending time with other people that you love and care for together. 

You return to a life with God through of prayer, studying the Scriptures, and worshipping in spirit and truth.  This is done best by being in and remaining in relationship with other people.  The Apostle Paul is quoted in the Bible as having encouraged people to continue gathering together.   God has not forgotten you,(Luke 12:6 & 7).  Jesus is and has been and always will be interceding for you and there are people in your life now who are too. (John 17:20-21) 

I believe if you are reading this, it’s only through the power of the Holy Spirit, who is calling you into a deeper relationship with God. So don’t be afraid. Return and turn to the Lord.  He is waiting for you with open arms, all you have to do is open your heart and let Him in.  (John 6:44)