In the book of James, Chapter 3 verses 13-18, James, the brother of Jesus, talks about two kinds of wisdom.  One kind of wisdom he describes is earthly, lacking the Holy Spirit, the other kind he describes as coming from heaven.

  •  Earthly wisdom is competitive by nature, always striving for worldly gain and attention, focused on what’s in it for yourself and being #1 in order to gain attention and recognition for self, without regard for the sanctity (holiness) of human life.
  •  Heavenly wisdom is humble, focused on God’s plans and helping to relieve the burdens of other people, keeping in mind the sanctity of human life in order to bring glory to God.

I’m convinced that rest has a lot to do with heavenly wisdom.  The book of Proverbs opens with Solomon telling the reader they were written to help people acquire heavenly wisdom.  In 2nd Timothy, the Apostle Paul mentions the importance of the Scriptures (2 Timothy 3:16-17). Solomon, James and Paul all connect understanding the Scriptures with heavenly wisdom.

Jesus, the Son of God, had an interest in understanding the Scriptures as a young boy. When he was only 12 yrs. old he was hanging around and talking with the Rabbi’s about the Scriptures. As he grew his interest in helping others come to understand them never faded.  In fact, he said he was consumed with zeal for God’s house. His own family members, Rabbi’s, Pharisees, Scribes and disciples were astonished at his understanding of the Scriptures and the depth of his faith.  Many people, men, women and children, who had never believed in the love of God and the holiness he intended for human life (Genesis 1:27-28) and in the forgiveness of sin have come to believe through the life of Jesus.

 The problem we have in this world is that some people are only full of earthly wisdom and others have some earthly wisdom mixed in with heavenly wisdom. I’ve observed also that there are two kinds of rest, earthly rest which focuses on worldly things and heavenly rest which helps us focus on God while we are still in this world. Days off of work and vacations can have a spiritual dimension to them

Gaining heavenly wisdom is a process that requires resting in the Word of God with a desire to understand the Scriptures. Jesus asked people if they had ever read the Scriptures, so he must want us to do this for a good reason.   The good reason is that the Scriptures can lead a person out of a life full of self-destruction into a life full of heavenly construction. 

 Heavenly construction begins with heavenly plans and purpose. In the Lord’s prayer Jesus taught his disciples to pray “. . . your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven . . .” In heaven we will be in the full presence of the Lord 100% of the time. 

 How much time do we spend in a day even thinking about being in the presence of God?  Try adding a spiritual dimension to your days off work and your vacations. Spending some time in the Scriptures and discussing them with a desire to understand them will bring you closer to the heaven on earth feeling that we all want to experience.   And when you’ve fallen out of step with heavenly principles and purposes, the forgiveness of sin and resting again in the Word of God, read and spoken, will lead you back to that heavenly experience. 


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