In 2 Thessalonians 3:11-13 the Apostle Paul talks about the difference between being busy and being a busybody.

What does this have to do with Rest you ask?

Well, it’s my experience that people who have allowed the Word of God to Rest in them before going off to work are less likely to be busybody’s and more likely to be busy doing the work that God has prepared for them to do.

Before I allowed this Word of God to Rest in my own heart and mind I was a clock watcher and pretty non-productive at work some days.  I sat at my desk and listened to gossip and in class I sometimes doodled more than I took notes.  I started to pay attention to the conversations I was having around the ‘water-cooler’ and in the break rooms.  They weren’t always uplifting.  As I let the Word of the Lord rest in my heart I found myself uncomfortable in those situations where people just wanted to complain about their jobs, work, relationships and financial problems.  I started bringing books to work and reading them instead of engaging in negative behaviors.  And I changed the programs I was watching on television.  Instead of watching soaps and weekly shows that focused on groups of people gossiping in the office or the neighborhood I began watching more uplifting movies and shows that focused more on the beauty of the earth and relationships. 

It is difficult for the word of God to rest in the hearts and minds of busybodies.  And it’s difficult for busybodies to let the Word of God settle them down.  I know because I was once a busybody, and it could be easy to slip back into being one – probably have on occasion – then I find comfort in the Scripture that reminds me that even righteous people fall, but the Lord picks us up and teaches us again to rest in Him so He can rest in us.     (c) June G. Paul   copyright 2009